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January Trades:Ticker Position Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Performance Action PKX Long 1/28/2021 55.83 Hold KMX Short 1/27/2021 121.45 Hold IR Long 1/27/2021 40.81 1/28/2021 42.62 4.44% Closed MCHP Long 1/27/2021 133.04 1/28/2021 138.65 4.22% Closed SJM Short 1/27/2021 128.18 1/2…

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The following portfolio uses our Trade Model signals combined with a KellyCriterion betting system modified for stock trading. Performance YTD Updated as of 7:35pm ET, Feb. 4 2021 Calculations are my own. Returns shown do not include trading costs, slippage orany fees. These results are meant t…

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