Portfolio Update - 1/27/2021

5 months ago   •   1 min read

By FuseTrader Admin

Herewith a few changes to the portfolio.  Trying to keep risk in check while our volatility mode has signaled RISK OFF for the time being.  Thankfully, our Trade Signals have produced enough short ideas that we can generate a hedged long/short portfolio.

Portfolio Update

  1. Long $CANE at 15%
  2. Long $EEM at 12%
  3. Long $IR at 9%
  4. Long $MCHP at 9%
  5. Short $LLY at 9%
  6. Short $BABA at 9%
  7. Short $KR at 9%
  8. Short $DHI at 9%
  9. Short $VIAC at 5%
  10. Short $KMX at 5%
  11. Short $SJM at 4%
  12. Short $GM at 4%
  13. Cash at 1%

Portfolio Dashboard

Click on the image below to enlarge.  The portfolio dashboard displays the trading opportunity set which is evaluated prior to portfolio construction and optimization:

FuseTrader Dashboard

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