Portfolio Update - 1/19/2021

5 months ago   •   1 min read

By FuseTrader Admin

A few changes to start the week off; adding a long reversion position with $PAAS, and adjusting the short positions slightly to take into account how they've performed since entry. ย We also closed out $SOYB, $CANE, $MTA and $COP, and replaced with $EQT, $WOR and $MMX.

Updated Portfolio

  1. Short $GS at 15%
  2. Short $TSLA at 15%
  3. Long $PAAS at 15%
  4. Short $W at 13%
  5. Long $EQT at 13%
  6. Long $WOR at 9%
  7. Long $GLD at 8%
  8. Long $TLT at 7%
  9. Short $TSM at 2%
  10. Long $MMX at 2%
  11. Cash at 1%

Portfolio Dashboard

Click on the image below to enlarge. ย The portfolio dashboard displays the trading opportunity set which is evaluated prior to portfolio construction and optimization:

FuseTrader Portfolio Dashboard

If you have any questions feel free to reach out on our contact form and be sure to signup for all of our updates in the future.

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