February 2021

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Reversion Model

Closed Trades


All Trades
Count = 17
Win Pct. = 53%
Avg. Win = 2.28%
Avg. Loss = -4.57%

Long Trades
Count = 9
Win Pct. = 78%
Avg. Win = 2.30%
Avg. Loss = -0.99%

Short Trades
Count = 8
Win Pct. = 25%
Avg. Win = 2.22%
Avg. Loss = -5.76%

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Calculations are my own. Returns shown do not include trading costs, slippage or any fees. These results are meant to demonstrate hypothetical performance if trades were initiated at the closing price on the entry date and exited at the closing price on the exit date.

All trading and investing strategies come with the risk of loss, including this one. These trades may not be appropriate for your investment goals and requirements, and it is not investment advice. Β It should not be assumed that strategies which were profitable in the past will be profitable in the future or will equal the performance of the securities on this page.

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